“With chiropractic care I was back to playing football in no time”

My introduction to the world of chiropractic care was through an accident that I sustained in high school. Other forms of medical treatment for the injury to my cervical spine did not help. With chiropractic care, I was back to playing football and was surprised by the recovery I made.

This sparked a vision in me to spread the philosophy of health and wellness to people through good chiropractic care.

Hands on Training Is the Best Experience

Dr. Tiburzi enrolled in Logan University and began his journey to become a chiropractor.

Coming out of college, Dr. Tiburzi worked with an established practice to get hands on experience. “I believe that the time I got to work with an established practice was so important in giving me the confidence to set up something on my own. My belief in the chiropractic system was not just from something I learned in college, but from my own personal experience with it.”

Referrals Help Us Help Others

Carlinville is a small town with a population of about 6,000. The referrals of our patients help us reach others in need of our care in surrounding towns. We can help anyone that wants help! If you know someone, adult or a child suffering from pain, share your experience about chiropractic.

We see many patients with sports injuries and have helped them get back in the game. No matter what your pain of health needs, let Tiburzi Chiropractic show you how they can help!

Dr. Michelle Tiburzi

The Active Family

Dr. Craig and Dr. Michelle have a son and daughter. The family is actively involved in sports, cycling and running. In Dr. Tiburzi’s words, “we are a wellness oriented family.” Dr. Tiburzi is also actively involved in coaching in the Carlinville area.

Good Advice for Healthy Living, Not Just Adjustments

Dr. Tiburzi believes in empowering his patients through chiropractic care, good advice and education. “I will teach you the steps to attain a healthy living standard in just a year’s time. You’ll be surprised how much you can change in a short period of time.”

Let us share our passion about chiropractic and how it can help you! Call us today at (217) 854-8001.