Occupational Therapy services specializing in reflex integration, brain development, and balanced mind/body systems.

3920 Pintail Drive Suite B
Springfield, IL 62711
Owner: Kristi Warren, MOT, OT/L
(217) 891-1524

Our Mission

At Brains in Motion, we are committed to helping children, adolescents, and adults improve their functioning by developing all areas of their mind/body system. Everyday life and stress can throw our systems out of balance causing negative outcomes in our daily lives. We focus on developing all areas of the person (physical, emotional, and nutritional). We are client centered and focus on each individual’s unique needs so that they may reach their highest potential

Reflex Integration Services

Primitive reflexes are the foundation of all learning and brain development. If a person has retained reflexes they can have difficulty with coordination, behavior, visual skills, reading, writing, math, attention, bed-wetting, anxiety, and depression. Many diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities, Addictions, Eating disorders, and Anxiety are often correlated with retained reflexes. If you have ever felt like you or your child is working harder than peers to get the same or not even the same results, you would benefit from having your reflexes evaluated. We integrate reflexes using a low laser light therapy and sound frequency that is completely safe for all ages. Low light therapy causes cells to reproduce causing development of new neuropathways. The use of the laser can also help detox the body of unwanted toxins. The brain can change at any age. Let us help you reach your potential!


We offer a variety of classes throughout the year. Classes that are available are Yoga for Kids, Calming Techniques for Parents for use at home, Handwriting Classes, Fine Motor Development fro Toddlers, and Social Skills Classes. If you are interested in a class, please call to get on the list. Classes are based on need at the time and number of clients signed up.

Advocacy Services

With the use of our advocacy services, we are available to attend IEP and/or parent/teacher conferences in order to help determine the best plan to be put in place for your child in the educational setting. As an Occupational Therapist with 18 years experience working in the school system, as well as a parent of a child with an IEP, we can offer support and knowledge of the special education laws and process.

Individual Therapy Sessions

We refer to our therapy sessions as balances. We work with each client to set a specific goal they would like to improve. These goals can focus on any area of your daily living that is causing difficulties i.e. a sports performance goal, an education goal, an emotional or behavioral goal, etc. Through the use of educational kinesiology techniques we then determine what is needed in order to achieve the determined goal. Treatments utilized during a balance session may include Brain Gym, Touch For Health, releasing trapped emotions, the use of cold light laser therapy protocols, sensory integration techniques, nutritional recommendations, use of energy medicine, brain developmental movements, and many more.